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High-stakes civil litigation? 

We do that. 

Clint Ehrlich is one of America's most accomplished plaintiffs' lawyers. He is a partner at Trial Lawyers for Justice where he heads the firm's nationwide appellate and insurance-litigation practices. In that role, Mr. Ehrlich serves as in-house appellate counsel for the premier trial lawyer in the United States, Nicholas Rowley, while also handling select outside matters. 


Mr. Ehrlich has extensive experience in eight- and nine-figure civil litigation in state and federal courts, including the California Supreme Court, the California Court of Appeal, and the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. In his pro bono work, he has taken on the FBI and freed an innocent man serving life in prison for murder. 


In addition to his legal acumen, Mr. Ehrlich is an expert in computer science and artificial intelligence. He holds a U.S. patent for the invention of advanced cryptographic networking protocols, and he was appointed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal's A.I. Committee by the Circuit's Chief Judge. He previously served as a Principal Investigator for the U.S. National Science Foundation, which awarded him a quarter-million-dollar grant for his work adapting biological signaling theory to build fault-tolerant distributed systems. 


Mr. Ehrlich has been featured in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Foreign Policy, the BBC, NPR, and Dateline NBC. He was a Visiting Researcher in the Faculty of International Law at MGIMO University, Russia's most elite academic institution, where he pursued dual PhDs in international law and nuclear game theory.

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